Decorating with Fuchsia

by Holly Maria

Pink is not just for little girls—it fact, it's actually a warm, sensual, highly evolved color. There are several ways of adding fuschia to your space without it looking garish. Although bold statement colors can be intimidating, the important thing to remember is that they aren’t permanent. Try introducing a bold accent color by selecting furniture pieces or smaller decor, such as a chair or rugs to act as a focal point, without huge investment. 



Repurpose a piece of antique furniture by painting it. 

Artwork & Prints 

Neon signs are all the rage right now, and personally I adore them! They are also a mood inducing feature.

Floor Coverings 

Persian rugs are a cult favourite. They never go out of style and they add opulence to any space, especially when chosen in a stand-out color. 

      Pantone Smart 17-2031 TCX Color Swatch | Fuchsia Rose

Black, White & Gold

by Holly Maria

Design inspiration for 2015. There is something magical about the combination and pairing of these three colours when designing a space. Black, white, and gold, are symbolic of class, luxury, and style—well known as the most illustrious colour palette in the industry, due to their transitional nature.

Kitchen: Gold or brass hardware in the kitchen is stunning. When complemented by all white cabinetry, and marble countertops—it's pure decadence. Gold is rich in colour, which adds warmth to your home. When paired with silver or chrome, it takes on a fascinating contrast. Personally I love to mix and match metals in design.

Bathroom: Sophisticated charm, and modern luxury, should define a bathroom. It's ideal to have natural light in this room, but if you don't, try to recreate it using elegant lighting fixtures—using an antique chandelier, or art deco lighting fixture. One of my favourite aspects of a bathroom is the traditional soaker tub, decorated with gold or brass fixtures; it's both elegant and vintage inspired. Key pieces for this space are, fine art, embellished mirrors, and luxurious flooring ( marble, or solid wood )—undoubtably both classic materials, that should be embraced in your home.

DESIGN TIP: If you are looking to just add some effortless glamour to a space, fix a chandelier to the ceiling over a focal point; such as a bed, bath, or dining table. 

I am completely infatuated with gold and brass hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. There is nothing classier than a statement facet to bring out the best in that space.


Foyer: This space is very important, being the first visual impression when you enter. I suggest utilizing lighting, mirrors, and artwork in the foyer; which adorn your entry and greet you as you come through the door. Select an occasional table and style it with statutes, picture frames, books, and then finish with some fresh florals in a vase, such as—orchids, hydrangeas or fresh peonies.


DESIGN TIP: Less is more, especially in the foyer of a home. De-clutter this space and make sure each piece is noteworthy. 

Home Office: This space should be organized, well lit, and ultimately double as a 'Muse'. Religiously, you should start by introducing some coveted artwork in order to get the creativity flowing, set the tone for the space. Incorporate a couple unique accent chairs, select lighting for the desk, display a few decorative items, ( books & large crystal book ends ), and then finish the space with a textured or patterned area rug. Voila!

DESIGN TIP: Beautiful stationary & office décor is very important in my opinion; not only does it make the work space look fabulous but you tend to enjoy it more.


Living Room: When designing a living area, think comfortable and luxurious. A majority of your time will be spent in this room and ultimately it should feel inviting for both yourself and guests. The living area should be engaging, relaxing, and above all stylish. Things of interest are, shelving, a statement bar cart, unique end tables, and substantial furniture. I love to integrate ornate items into this space, such as mismatched lamps, contrasting colours, abstract artwork, and assorted toss pillows; which in turn makes the space more stimulating. Display shelving and select furniture in this room will permit storage & presentation options, allowing you to showcase family heirlooms, coveted décor, art, and books. 

Dining Room: Whether it's a dining room or a breakfast nook, this area of the home is sure to get used frequently to entertain guests. Mixing modern & traditional style always look sensational, this can be achieved by displaying a large embellished mirror, paired with an adorned buffet and some striking artwork. Fresh cut flowers are essential in this space and can be used as a centrepiece or focal point of the table. Their are limitless options for table and chairs, lately I am obsessing over black and white chairs.

EntertainingGold decorated glass wear, dishes, charger plates, and cutlery are always a brilliant way to accessorize the dining area when you are entertaining. There is something very luxurious about black and gold plate wear, and I can't get enough of it. #obsessed

Accent Mirrors: They are an essential part of decorating and are stunning in any space or living area. Not only are mirrors a beautiful decoration, but they also open up the room making it appear larger and more spacious. I usually incorporate a mirror in every room of the home, there are no rules when doing this and you can never have enough mirrors. Get creative Style Coveters! 

Bedroom: The bedroom is one of my favourite rooms of a home to design, it should be nothing less than sensational. This is easy to achieve with a black, white and gold colour palette. Oversized mirrors, a gorgeous chandelier, bespoke bedroom furniture and luxurious bedding is essential. Introduce some fantasy by adding luxe textures such as; silk, fur and suede. Words I would use to describe what I aim for when designing a bedroom are; lavish, alluring, sensual and luxurious. 

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