Decorating with Fuchsia

by Holly Maria

Pink is not just for little girls—it fact, it's actually a warm, sensual, highly evolved color. There are several ways of adding fuschia to your space without it looking garish. Although bold statement colors can be intimidating, the important thing to remember is that they aren’t permanent. Try introducing a bold accent color by selecting furniture pieces or smaller decor, such as a chair or rugs to act as a focal point, without huge investment. 



Repurpose a piece of antique furniture by painting it. 

Artwork & Prints 

Neon signs are all the rage right now, and personally I adore them! They are also a mood inducing feature.

Floor Coverings 

Persian rugs are a cult favourite. They never go out of style and they add opulence to any space, especially when chosen in a stand-out color. 

      Pantone Smart 17-2031 TCX Color Swatch | Fuchsia Rose