Style Essentials ( Fall & Winter Edition )

by Holly Maria

Leopard Accents: They add interest to any outfit, they are also always in season, and undoubtably chic. A pair of leopard pumps looks stunning with a pair of distressed denim, or you could opt for a belt, handbag, or coat in this print. BTW; contrary to popular beliefleopard print is not just for ( Cougars ).

Flared Pants/Denim: Rachel Zoe is well known for wearing these 365 days a year, in addition; she currently designs the best flared pants on the market. I suggest wearing a heeled shoe or boot with this style in order to lengthen the legs and help shape the bottom of the pant. 

Sunglasses: One of my favourite accessories to wear 24/7, ( 365 days a year ), as they add a bit of mystery to ones persona. Aviators & oversized black frames are the generally the two most coveted styles. You can change your look dramatically, depending on the shape and colour of the frame.

Fedora: They provide warmth in the winter, shade in the summer, and give you style anytime of the year. A hat will also help you look put togethereven if you’re not. And lets be honest, there are times in our life when we just need to wear a hat, plain and simple. A classic black Fedora is timeless, easy to wear, and I absolutely adore them. 


Wool Camel Coat: Preferably long and/or oversized. This colour literally looks great on everyone, and it goes with everything! Buy one. Try it. I dare You. 

camel 3.jpg

Waterproof Boots: Also known as the "Hunter" rain boot. It’s almost impossible to get through a season without a tall waterproof boot. These boots are great in the spring, fall and winter: definitely a wardrobe necessity. 

A Blazer: If you do not have one in your closet—you need my help! This item is essential in any wardrobe and its versatility is unmatched. You can throw it over a tee, a glamorous dress or over a sweater as a layering piece. No wardrobe is complete without one.

A Scarf: Need I say more?! Silk, cotton, or cashmere; they all keep you warm in the cooler months of year. A scarf can be worn many ways. Throw one on over pretty much anything. It’s effortless, really. 

Oversized Knit Sweaters: All the rage this fall! Not only is a sweater cozy and warm, but so stylish over a pair of leather leggings or skinny jeans. I’m not saying you can borrow your grandpa’s sweater and pull this look offunless of course you are practicing Man-Repelling as a hobby.

Faux Fur Coat or Vest: If I have learnt anything at all from NYFW this year, its that you can casually wear fur with Converse sneakers and get away with it. Faux Fur never goes out of style, its money well spent. 

Watch: I can’t live without one, and neither should you. A watch is clearly something every man and woman should own. Whether gold, silver, rose gold or blackit’s a staple accessory.